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The Split Creek Dairy Goat Herd

The Milking Doe Herd at Split Creek Farm

The milking herd at Split Creek is made up of around 150 does, but can range anywhere from 100 to 200 does at a time. The herd is made up of mostly Nubians and Alpines but does contain some of the following breeds: LaMancha, Saanen, Guernsey, Toggenburg, Oberhasli, and Nigerian Dwarf. The does are milked twice a day with an average production of 1 gallon per doe per day (depending on age, breed, and length of lactation).

While the milking herd’s main job is to produce the milk used to make Split Creek Farm’s amazing products, some of the does get to take a break and go to shows to strut their stuff for the judges. This means many of our does earned ribbons, come from champion lines, or have earned Champion status themselves.

The does at Split Creek showing off some of their 2022 Ribbons/Wins

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